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Stories from the world of Silent Hill

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The world of Silent Hill has many stories lurking within its dark corners. Here is a chance for you to tell them. This community is a place where fans of one of the greatest gothic horror stories ever created can weave their own tales of terror, death, redemption, and rebirth... All set within the nearly limitless confines of Silent Hill.

In an attempt to maintain some order in this community, a few ground rules must be established. The rules may be modified over time. When that occurs, notices will be posted. Please try your best to stay within the confines of these rules. Everyone screws up every now and then... But blatant violations will get you banned.

1) Only post your own original work. If you post someone else's work, please give them credit.

2) Do not backdate your posts. Keeping posting dates in order will make things much easier to backtrack, should any unfortunate incidents crop up.

3) Please only use this forum for posting stories or materials that will help others with their stories. Do not post game reviews, opinions on games, or questions about gameplay. That's what the silenthill community is for.

4) Do not spam this community with ads for other communities, unless they are related to Silent Hill.

5) You are, by no means, expected to post entire stories in one shot. If you wish to post in sections or episodes, that is perfectly fine. However, if you do that, please title your posts in a manner that makes keeping track of them easy. That way when someone goes through the list of posts in this community looking for the sections of your story, and your story only, it will make things a lot more convenient for them. For example: The moderator of this community's first ongoing story is entitled "Dead Voices." When posted, the first section of it will be entitled "Dead Voices part 1." The second section will be entitled "Dead Voices part 2," and so on. Please stick to this naming convention for the ease of your readers.

6) This is not some perverted slash fiction community. If sex is part of your story, then don't hold back... But don't come here just to post story after story about Heather Mason being sexually molested by tentacle-beasts. That gets old after a while.

7) Please use LJ-Cuts for long entries. It's the polite thing to do.

8) Be nice! Criticism is always welcome, but flaming or trolling someone unnecessarily will get you banned!


And now, some ground rules regarding the use of Silent Hill in your stories.

1) Geographic Location: It is a popular theory that Silent Hill is located in an amorphous area that can simply be described as "the northern United States.". For the sake of argument, in this community that theory is going to be regarded as truth... but we are not going to specify exactly which state it is located in. That way, if your story begins with your character tripping on Mescaline in New Mexico, and ends with him knee-deep in a pit of writhing, sentient guts in Silent hill, you'll know that he had to drive north to get there. By not ever determining which specific state the town is located in, one may find themself asking "well, then how long does it take to get from Point A to Silent Hill?" The best answer that I've ever heard to that question was summed up by a good friend of mine: "As long as it needs to."

2) The Layout of the City: This map gives a pretty good general layout of what Silent Hill looks like in the "normal" plane of reality. Use it for reference when writing. Remember, though, that time and space tends to warp in the dark half of Silent Hill. When your characters tread into that aspect of the story, go hog wild.

3) The Use of Established Characters: Silent Hill has a cast of very fascinating characters. Everyone has his or her favorite. If you would like for one or more of these entities to make an appearance in your story, feel free. Do with them as you please. Silent Hill has a tendency to re-write people anyway... and the dead don't always stay dead. Do not, however, attempt to define these characters any more than the games already have. They should be catalysts for plot... not main characters. Leave their development up to the people who created them.

4) Attempting to Define Some of the More Esoteric Aspects of the Game: This is a tough one. All I'm going to say is - if you want to do this with your story, be careful. You may find yourself treading on ground that will be re-written with future games and movies. The best advice would be to define it in a way that is solely based on the perceptions of the characters in your stories. Try to avoid creating any concrete facts about the history or meaning of the city. Keep it mysterious... That's much cooler than being proven wrong, anyway.

5) Using Characters Created by Other Members of This Community: Everyone loves tie-ins, and they're more than welcome here. All that's asked is that you don't add someone else's character to your story without their permission.

Really, that's about it. Get to writing, folks! Have fun!


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