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Introductory post - Welcome To The Lakeview Hotel...

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January 29th, 2006

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05:11 pm - Introductory post
Hello, everyone :)
I only just discovered this community, so I think I'll make a small introduction before I share my work. My name is Ashley, I'm sixteen years old, and I've been a SH fan for about two years now. (I know, I know, I was late getting into the fandom...) Out of all the games, Silent Hill 2 is my favourite, just because you can analyze it over and over and still make totally different deductions every time. Some of the SH fic I've written, under my penname Kirie Himuro on ff.net is Squish and Afterglow, and this fic right here is my very first attempt at an OC. I beg you all to be overly critical and to tell me if Eleanor seems Sueish. Also...please inform me if I get anything wrong with canon, too ><

Title: Oubliette
Rating: R
Summary: Ellie can't remember what happened in the place in the woods when she was a little girl, and she doesn't want to, either. Whenever she tries, everything gets darker.
Author's notes: Story will include various elements from all of the games. Inspiration was derived from the suicide note on the Brookhaven roof you find in SH2, and the X-files episode Oubliette. Eleanor isn't my only OC here, the other will be making her debut in future chapters... ><

Oh yes...cross-posted to silenthillfic

Ellie didn't like it when it rained.
When it rained, it felt like the whole world turned gray. It got inside you, too, and everyone else. Gray. Gray and cold, like the stormclouds outside, like the water streaming down the glass and coming down hard on the roof. Tappatappatappatappa. That was the rain. She sat alone in the recreation hall because she didn't feel like being sociable today. She wasn't in the mood to watch TV or play cards with Jenny. She just wanted to drum.
Her fingertips galloped on the table, even though they only stayed in only place. Taptaptaptap taptaptaptap taptaptaptap. Just like a horse's hooves. Her chin was on the table, so she could lean close and watch her fingers. They were long fingers, long and clean, but she was a bad girl Ellie, the nails were low because she'd been chewing them. Tappatappatappatappa. She was changing her rhythm now, changing it so she could sound like the rain on the roof. For awhile, she drifted in that unison, but uh-oh, something happened something loud outside-BOOM!-thunder.
Ellie stopped drumming. She flattened her palm, and slammed it down as hard as she could on the table. It hurt, it made little needle points on her palm, but it also made a big noise, and a lot of the people in the rec hall jumped. She didn't know why she just did what she did-she didn't want to scare her friends-but still, the gray, the rain…
She snorted. She snorted, then she giggled, then she laughed, high and loud and wild to get the gray out.
She was still laughing hard. Her head was thrown back, and her fists pounded on the table, making more thunder noises. But now hands were on her shoulders, and there was a voice in her ear.
"Ellie, come on now. It's time for your appointment."
Appointment. That word in itself was sobering. Her laughter died away like black magic, and her mouth hung ajar for a moment as she stared up at the upside-down face of the male orderly standing behind her. She made a small, strangled noise of muted fear, then swallowed it and smiled. Doctor Reardon liked it when she smiled, so she always tried to look happy whenever she went to see him.
"Sorry Nick," she said. "I just wanted to get the gray out, that's all."
"It's okay, Ellie," Nick said. "Come on."
Ellie swallowed big scared lumps in her throat, but she did what Nick said and walked with him because it would be worse if she didn't listen. It was always worse if you didn't listen. You got shots when you didn't listen, shots that took you places you didn't want to go.
Like the Wish House. The place in the woods.
A drop of imaginary rainwater phased through the sturdy Brookhaven roof and fell right on the nape of her neck, sending shivers down her spine. Her heart started running a marathon in her chest, waking her blood and sending it racing through her veins at light speeds. Her breath quickened, and she squeezed her eyes shut tight as she walked, counting fiercely backwards from seven hundred and seventy seven in her head. She didn't like thinking about the Wish House. It was a bad place, she knew that, just because she couldn't remember, but still-
Doctor Reardon told her that she didn't have to talk about it if she didn't want to, but Ellie knew, she knew because he paid so much attention when she told him what she did remember, what she saw in her dreams. He really wanted to know about the place in the woods, even though it scared her to talk about it.
But maybe it wouldn't be so bad this time. Last time Dr. Reardon did the thing with his voice to make her go to sleep, after all.
She opened her eyes. She breathed. It felt good to breathe. She felt good.
"We're here, Ellie," Nick said, and left after he made sure she was on the other side of the door. She felt a little afraid, but not really afraid. Not like before. Doctor Reardon was siting behind his desk, in his big chair, with his hands folded so neatly in front of him and the light gleaming off of his glasses. He smiled when he saw her, but it was a fake-looking smile. Ellie's was real, though.
"Hi, Doctor Reardon!" she chirped with a wave.
"Hello, Eleanor. Have a seat."


Leonard shook his closed umbrella free of water. He placed it on the nearest table, and slid out of his soaking raincoat, hanging it up to dry. Tiredly, he raked his fingers through his platinum-blonde hair, and approached the reception desk of Brookhaven Hospital, looking with disdain at the dozen roses clenched in his right hand. The rain had damaged them some.
"Hey, Mr. Wolf," the receptionist said cheerfully in greeting. She was a gum-snapping young woman of about twenty-one, with a mess of unruly black curls. The letters on her plastic tag spelled TAMMY.
"Hello," he said politely, but with a vague hint of aloofness.
"How ya doin' today?" she asked, twirling her metal nail file with a kind of vapid grace that made her all the more annoying. Leonard had a strong urge to take it and put it through her eye.
"I'm well, Tammy, how are-"
Her loud, teenybopper squeal of delight made him cringe in pain.
"Are those roses?" she cried.
Roses? No, they're butcher knives. Obviously they're roses, you twit.
He managed a small, coy smile.
"Yes, yes they are."
"Fa' Ivy?" she breathed. He nodded, and endured an "Oh, how romayantic!"
"Is she here today?" he asked, his patience growing thinner.
"Oh sure, sure," Tammy said; though her "sures" sounded more like shoo-ahs. "You know where she is, go on ahead lovahboy."
Loverboy! He nodded and thanked her, no matter how excruciating it was, and made his way to the medical records room, where Ivy waited.
He greeted her with a bright smile that didn't meet his eyes, and she returned it with a small, shy one of her own. It was a shame that he only pretended to be in love with her…she really was a good girl, albeit a gullible one. He produced the bouquet of roses with a flourish.
"Oh, for me?" she said, a lovely blush painting her cheeks.
"Of course, my dear."
"They're beautiful," she breathed, taking the flowers. "Thank you, Leonard."
He watched as she carried the bouquet to the vase on her desk, carefully removing the dying chrysanthemums and replacing them with the roses.
"It was nothing," he said, and kissed her obligingly on the forehead.
"I um…I found those tapes you were asking about," she told him.
Wonderful. He was right to trust her…the long wait was worth it. He had asked for the medical records of Eleanor Robinson over four months ago, only able to prod her gently about it without rousing her suspicion.
"Really?" he asked her, and she beamed with delight, bending over and retrieving several files and videocassettes, placing them all on the reception desk in front of her.
"Yup," she said. "Why don't you go and watch them? I'm really sorry babe, but I've got loads of work to do."
"It's not a problem, Ivy. Thank you."
Kissing her once more, this time on the lips, Leonard decided he'd send her a nice present with the letter that would end their relationship. He gathered the files and the tapes together in a stack, and made for the viewing room.

I'm worried I have Leonard all wrong >< Please, please let me know as to what I mucked up here...and if Ellie's a Sue. Be honest. I won't be offended.

Also....I am seeking a beta, if this appears vaguely presentable. ^^;;;; Thank you very much for reading!
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