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Dead Voices part 16 - Welcome To The Lakeview Hotel...

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June 9th, 2005

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01:55 pm - Dead Voices part 16

"I repeat: Push the weapon aside and place your hands behind your head."

Neil looked up, still dazed. Ash continued to rain down on him as fire licked out from the window above. It wasn't his house that he was in front of.

"I will not repeat myself again. Push the weapon aside and place your hands on your head, or I will shoot you."

Neil looked over his shoulder. Behind him was a familiar face. He couldn't make out exactly who it was, but it was clear that this person had a gun pointed directly at him. The form was human. After a moment, he realized that he was looking at Officer Barclay, from the Hospital. Confused, and somewhat dizzy, Neil pushed the shotgun away.

"Good. Now put your hands on your head," Officer Barclay said.


"Just do as I say and I won't have to hurt you."

Neil placed his hands on his head. As his hearing cleared and his vision came into focus, he heard sirens wailing behind him. A fire truck was coming up the hill.

"What's going on?" Neil asked.

"I was hoping you could tell me." He handcuffed Neil and stood him up. "You have the right to remain silent..."

Neil was taken to a nearby police precinct, where he was placed in a small, windowless room to await questioning. He was covered with ash and blood, his clothes were torn, his mouth was dry, and he wanted a cigarette badly. After an hour and a half wait, Barclay and a man in a gray suit, with a stack of files under his arm, came into the room.

"Your name is Neil, right?" The man in the suit asked, as he set the files down on the desk.

"Yeah," Neil said. "Do you mind telling me why I'm here?"

"Well, first let me introduce myself. I'm Detective Spink."

"Nice to meet you," Neil said, dryly. "If you're going to keep dodging my question, can I at least get some water and a smoke?"

The detective placed a cigarette in Neil's mouth and lit it for him. When he was brought in, they moved his hands from behind him to in front of him, but he remained cuffed. "Could you please bring him a cup of water?" Spink asked Barclay in a demeanor that gave away his intent to be the good cop. Barclay nodded, with a stern expression that made him the bad cop, and left the room. "I'm not trying to dodge any questions, Neil. I just like doing things one thing at a time. Do you really not know why you're here?"

"Unless it's because you like my company, no."

"Whose blood are you covered in?" Spink asked.

"My own." Neil replied.

"Your own?" Spink's expression was one of pseudo-curiosity. "Are you injured? You don't appear to be injured."

"I got better," Neil replied.

"You got better? From what I've heard, you seem to get better very fast. You amazed the doctors at Brookhaven."

"I'm an amazing guy," Neil quipped.

"What were you doing at the Toluca Lake Resort?" Spink asked, as Barclay returned with a tiny paper cup full of water.

Neil picked up the cup and eyed it. "You're too generous," he said to Barclay, then drank its contents in one gulp.

"He asked you a question," the officer grunted. He was too much of a kid to be intimidating.

"Don't I have the right to legal council?" Neil asked.

"We can arrange for an attorney to be present if you wish," Spink said. "But why don't you just help me out here. This will go a lot quicker if you just tell me what went on. Why were you at the Toluca Lake resort, this evening?"

"I wasn't," Neil replied.

"Could have fooled us," Spink said. "According to the report, we found you in front of the resort. I seem to remember you being brought in from there, too. Am I wrong, Officer Barclay."

Barclay shook his head. "No, Detective. You aren't. I found him in front of the resort at approximately twenty-three hundred hours."

"That's impossible," Neil said. "I've been in Old Town all night, with Jack MacDuff from the Historical Society. You can ask him."

"Perhaps I'll do that," the detective said. "But, please, explain to me why you were picked up in front of the Toluca Lake resort, covered in blood that you claim is your own."

"The resort part, I don't know. As far as the blood goes, I was attacked..." He thought for a moment. Odds are these jokers had never experienced the other side of Silent Hill, and telling them everything would make him look like a raving lunatic. "...I was attacked by animals. I had to kill them. Some of this blood might be theirs."

"Attacked by animals?" The detective raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah. Wild dogs."

"And what about the ash?"

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you."

"Try us," Barclay said.

"I'd rather wait for a lawyer," he replied.

"Do you do drugs, Neil?" Spink asked.

"Sometimes," Neil said. "But not recently."

"Then do you care to explain the syringe we found near you?" Spink withdrew the discarded air hypo, wrapped in a plastic evidence bag.

"First aid," Neil said. "It's the same thing as the 'health drinks' that are in my bag, which I'm sure you've confiscated."

"First aid, huh?" Spink asked. "We ran a couple of tests on some residue left in the cartridge we found in there. Found something very interesting... Something we haven't seen in a while."

"Oh, really?" Neil asked.

"Where in the world did you find White Claudia? We confiscated and destroyed all of that stuff years ago."

"What's White Claudia?" Neil asked.

Barclay stepped forward and got in Neil's face. "Don't play dumb," he growled. He wasn't scary, but he sure thought he was.

"Seriously," Neil said. "I'm from LA. I've heard of a lot of drugs in my day... But, I've never heard of anything called 'White Claudia.'"

"Then what do you call what was in this hypodermic?" Barclay pressed.

"I call it 'I'm not answering any more questions until I've spoken with a lawyer.' You got me?" Neil snapped.

"One last question," Spink said, motioning for Barclay to back away.

"What?" Neil grunted, rolling his eyes.

"Were you familiar with Miss Alexis Hope?" He asked.

"Yeah, I... Wait... What do you mean 'were?'"

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Date:January 29th, 2006 11:59 pm (UTC)

You like the plot twists, don't you?

"Where in the world did you find White Claudia? We confiscated and destroyed all of that stuff years ago."

Damn. And what a way to finish the chapter too...whah, I'm upset that I'm running out of stuff to read... :(

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